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Taking zeolite as a dietary supplement is essential for detoxifying your body of harmful heavy metals and other toxins.  It boosts your immune system, helps balance your body’s pH (making an environment where foreign cells can’t thrive) and overall helps with your well-being.  Fitting zelote into your daily routine can be a little tricky, it comes in three forms: liquid, capsules and powdered.

If you are looking for a fast, convenient way, liquid products are the way to go.  Unfortunately you don’t always get the amount of zeolite you need for it to be effective.   Many companies short change you in the amount of zeolite you need.  Zetox is the best bang for your buck in terms of grams of zeolite per serving.  You can see a great product comparison here.

Capsules are an easy way to get the powdered form into your system.  The amount of necessary zeolite in each serving can vary; again, it depends on the manufacturer.

There is no arguing that the powdered form of pure, pharmaceutical-grade zeolite is the most economical with the amount that was proven to be effective and the price per weight.  But, this is by far the hardest form to find a way into your daily life.

ZEO Health was the first company to use zeolite as a dietary supplement and has the best proof that it works.  There was a study done that proved the effectiveness of zeolite and at what dosage, done with ZEO Health’s ZEOLITE PURE product.  They also have the purest form of zeolite on the market.  Their process for refining and cleaning it is very extensive and the most advanced in the market.

It seems that the easiest way to get powdered zeolite into your system is to drink it.  Smoothies and shakes are a popular way to mask the powder by blending the ingredients.  I have compiled a few recipes that make it easier and yummier to include it in your every day diet.  Most of these are very healthy options that include either extra fiber, a fruit serving or low-calorie mixes.  These are easy to find ingredients that are relatively cheap, so there’s no breaking your budget or wild ingredient goose chases in order to maintain your health.

I chose to use the powdered form made by ZEO Health, ZEOLITE PURE.  This is because they are the leading makers of zeolite supplements, have the best reputation and have the zeolite that has been proven effective.

In my recipes, the general rule of thumb is one serving of zeolite for each serving.  There really is no limit to what you can put zeolite into.  You can cook with it, mixing it into things like tomato sauce, gravy, pancakes, you name it!  You just might have to adjust the amount of zeolite to your taste/texture preferences.

I encourage you to experiment, review, comment on the recipes and check back often for more.  Post some of your own recipes in the comments, let’s see if we can get enough to make a cookbook.  Most of all, enjoy being healthy!


Now- On to the recipes!


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